Dropzone Commander Faction Breakdown for New Players.

Dropzone Commander is a Combined Arms strategy game at 10mm scale with a huge emphasis on repositioning through the use of dropships. Your goal, which varies per scenario, is to capture objectives, hold focal points, and get intel. Armies are split into distinct "Battlegroups" which are used to create an alternating activation system for each turn. You'll spend time strategizing where to put those battlegroups, when to activate them, and how to use them, all while dealing with your opponent. It plays fast but with great strategic depth, almost like a free form speed chess with tanks, infantry, and aircraft. Not to mention the buildings and terrain block Line of Sight and are DESTRUCTIBLE! Meanwhile most objectives are in those very buildings, and the only units that can get inside are infantry. How you get those infantry in and out unharmed, or at least with the mission accomplished, is up to you, commander.

Here, I would like to breakdown what the factions are, and what their play-styles generally are. Currently there are 5 factions in Dropzone Commander: UCM, Scourge, PHR, Shaltari, and Resistance.

UCM: United Colonies of Mankind

These are what you'd expect from typical mankind in a future sci-fi era. They are hugely organized by what resembles today's modern military doctrine. Everything is purpose built, and when you combine your forces well they synergize into an unstoppable war machine, but it takes skill. I would say UCM are great for that chess player feel, with the lowest skill floor but perhaps the highest skill ceiling.

As far as ways to build an army of UCM, there are quite a few choices. UCM has amazing air dominance with many drones, strike craft, command airships, and cheap dropships. They also have a great flexibility to add in tons of artillery, or huge armor battalions with tough armor, though not quite as tough as PHR, but I will get to that. Their basic infantry is cheap, but they also have snipers, flak teams, artillery teams, special forces known as MFR, and hazard suit teams. Plenty to choose from. Then, of course, you can mix and match all of this however you like to build a force to your tastes.

I love them for their military industrial complex look, and their very human feel in play. You can play them as if you are a human commander taking on strange alien enemies, which is easy to imagine since most of you are human. or so I assume.

#Chessmaster, #ForMankind

Scourge: The Unstoppable Horde of Plasma and Skimmers

Scourge are a very unique mix of 50's giant monster films, Starcraft's Zerg, and some of Halo's Flood. They feature ludicrously fast skimmers hovering over the ground that are harder to hit as long as they are moving fast, Hugely powerful plasma weapons, and a vicious bloodlust for all your infantry units. They are Glass cannons, but with rockets strapped on and firing at full speed at all times. They depend on the alpha strike, so timing is key, but when they seize an opportunity they leave nothing of an enemy behind.

As far as army builds are concerned they have access to a lot of building destruction abilities and infantry devastating units. Their basic tank multiplies it's damage against buildings, and all of their other plasma weapons have similar effects. They also have crab-like walkers and swarms of little flying strike craft. They have huge flying command units that create huge ion storms damaging everything around them, or allowing plasma weapons to fire farther by overcharging them. As far as that infantry killing I mentioned, Scourge boast beastly CQB infantry that is super tough, plentiful flame weapons, and WORMS. They literally shoot giant killer "Razor Worms" into buildings that are purpose built to trap and kill enemy infantry. 

If you like super aggressive play, and devastating speed and weaponry, the Scourge are for you. Strike fear in your poor squishy opponents.

#GlassCannons, #LightningFast, #ConsumeAll

PHR: The Post Human Republic

When the Humans left their cradle worlds besieged by the invading Scourge, some of them split off, forming the PHR. They focused on merging themselves with all the tech they could get. They are secretive, and by far the most advanced human faction with it's very own agenda. They bring massively powerful armored walkers, nanotechnology, and superhuman infantry. In some ways they are similar to Tau, or Gundam suits. They are not quite as fast as any other factions, but they have great armor and great weapons. They are basically the hammer and the anvil combined. An immovable object. They do have some speedy jetpack infantry, drones, and very fun "jump" walkers though.

For army builds, they bring units that can be near impossible to destroy, and with crazy damage output. They sometimes lack volume of shots, but when they hit, they do a lot of damage. They have arguably the best infantry in the game with the superhuman Sirens and the Medusa, A single woman super-adept at controlling a horde of drones that tear tanks to shreds and repair friendly units. The best part is walkers are easy to plug and play into a list, and come with many different platforms and weapon loadouts. They also have units that buff infantry finding objectives, and their base infantry gets good armor. Many players form their walkers into "Phalanx" and use some support walkers disrupt incoming fire and make them harder to hit. The PHR also have awesome missile battery tanks that fire barrages over the city to the other side. You can go for a fast PHR with jump walkers and tons of air and ground drones as well though. 

If you like mechs, walkers, and technology, the unstoppable PHR are waiting for you.

#Technology, #Walkers, #Devastating

Shaltari: The Most Powerful Race Doesn't Care About Your Problems

Shaltari are so dominant they treat the other races as if they are just ants, pests in their way, sometimes be abused for their convenience. They literally led the humans to the cradle worlds just to let the Scourge attack them. On Purpose. Anyway. Think Protoss, Political Manipulation, and a hint of Mysteriousness. They have teleportations, shields on everything, and many other janky crazy abilities. 

Shaltari are for players who like to just completely mess with their opponents. Their dropships don't actually carry anything physically, but are gates that units and infantry teleport through. So when you destroy a gate, nothing really happens. Their are no "contents" so nothing dies inside like with other transports. Everything has passive saves representing their shields and have the potential to block ANYTHING. Their infantry are well armored and good in CQB. Almost everything Shaltari has makes the best use of the rules that can be made. Their only weakness is having expensive units, meaning you wont field a big horde of anything really, but rather fewer but more superior units. Because of the gates, shaltari have the best mobility by far, and hit hard with gravity weapons, infinite range Anti-Air, and particle weapons. If they suffer losses they lose expensively, so make no mistake, your decisions will matter. 

If you like being superior to human filth, teleporting, shields, and other crazy things, Shaltari is for you.

#SuddenTeleportInYourFace, #Shields, #Superiority

Resistance: The Survivors of Those Left Behind

The Resistance are the faction of asymetric geurilla warfare. They are the militant human underground living on Scourge occupied worlds. They repurpose everything they can to defend themselves, and also have some interesting ideas. They aren't spacefaring like the other factions, so for many of their units weight isn't really a consideration. They have a ton of old world tech, like heavier tanks, flying fortresses, helicopters, and hovercraft. They also have hordes of trucks with guns strapped on, as well as hordes of infantry. They have biker swarms with antitank mines, berserkers, sappers, and chemical warfare. They are in a sense a space-taliban mixed with Mad Max. They have some very low armor units, and some very high armor units, but they main feature is bulky units with lots of "health" in the form of welded on layers. They need alphastrike just like Scourge, but also have overwhelming numbers.

As far as army building goes, Resistance actually splits into two factions: Allied and Feral. Allied can bring some special UCM units as Special forces supporting resistance efforts. Alternatively, Feral are a tribal warlord type, with berserkers, guns strapped everywhere, barrel bombers, and flying transports with flame weapons. You can run heavy armor, hovercraft, tons of little bus and truck hordes like Mad Max, or go infantry heavy everywhere. Not to mention, they have old mining drills they can bring up through the bottom of the city to get in and out of the battlefield with those same infantry and trucks. 

If you like being an underdog with unexpected power Resistance is for you.

#Asymetric, #RustisGood, #Survivors, #Helicopters

Well I hope you enjoyed this overview! If you have any questions feel free to ask!


  1. This is a fantastic write up. Well done.

  2. I really wouldn't characterize the PHR infantry as the best in the game.

    The real strength of PHR is in the ability to combine fire and units when and where it is needed thanks to our impressive range and mobile support tools.

    On the whole, a good basic idea though, for sure.

    1. That is a great explanation. I wrote these up to be quick and simple, and I'm not really a master of all the factions so I was just trying to give my best shot at it. The infantry I'm always thinking of with PHR is those darn sirens with the 2+ dodge in CQB. They are scaaaary.

      Thanks for the feedback!


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