Awesome Army Builder Programs for Dropzone and Dropfleet, and other useful links!

Here's some great links and an explanation for each. All army builders are free :)

Fighting Forces of the Reconquest

A Java-based drag-and-drop program for building Dropzone armies. Quick, Intuitive, and Efficient.


A Mobile-Friendly browser army builder, though a little more difficult to use. Sometimes glitchy, but it will do in a pinch or on the go!


An awesome Dropfleet fleet builder for the browser. It works well and relies heavily on an internet connection. You also have to make a profile.

Hawk Wargames

The People who created Dropzone and Dropfleet

Hawk Forum

A great place to read up on the game. There are also some sweet player-made resources like quick reference sheets. You don't have to make a profile to look around, but you will if you want to post anything.

Facebook Groups
My Local Champaign-Urbana Group

Other Awesome Blogs about Dropzone and Dropfleet

Orbital Bombardment

The Hot LZ


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