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DropFLEET Commander Faction Breakdown for New Players

Dropfleet Commander is an orbital assault space game that takes place in the exact same universe as Dropzone Commander. Make no mistake though, they are quite different. You take command of a fleet of ships in efforts to make landfall onto cities on the surface of the planet while trying to fend off the enemy fleet trying to do the same thing. Add in the fact that those cities will get bombarded, challenged by enemy troops and armor, or even nuked, and you have an immensely fun space game with a great sense of dimension and interesting strategic dynamics.

Now the rules were written by Dave, the creator of Dropzone, and Andy Chambers, well known in gaming circles for his rules-writing. For that reason many people will say Dropfleet is a remake of the old beloved Battlefleet Gothic, but this is it's own game in it's own right.

Rules at a Glance

There are some very unique fundamental rules to Dropfleet that make it really different, even among space fleet games. First and foremost…

Awesome Army Builder Programs for Dropzone and Dropfleet, and other useful links!

Here's some great links and an explanation for each. All army builders are free :)

Fighting Forces of the Reconquest

A Java-based drag-and-drop program for building Dropzone armies. Quick, Intuitive, and Efficient.


A Mobile-Friendly browser army builder, though a little more difficult to use. Sometimes glitchy, but it will do in a pinch or on the go!


An awesome Dropfleet fleet builder for the browser. It works well and relies heavily on an internet connection. You also have to make a profile.

Hawk Wargames

The People who created Dropzone and Dropfleet

Hawk Forum

A great place to read up on the game. There are also some sweet player-made resources like quick reference sheets. You don't have to make a profile to look around, but you will if you want to post anything.

Facebook Grou…

Dropzone Commander Faction Breakdown for New Players.

Dropzone Commander is a Combined Arms strategy game at 10mm scale with a huge emphasis on repositioning through the use of dropships. Your goal, which varies per scenario, is to capture objectives, hold focal points, and get intel. Armies are split into distinct "Battlegroups" which are used to create an alternating activation system for each turn. You'll spend time strategizing where to put those battlegroups, when to activate them, and how to use them, all while dealing with your opponent. It plays fast but with great strategic depth, almost like a free form speed chess with tanks, infantry, and aircraft. Not to mention the buildings and terrain block Line of Sight and are DESTRUCTIBLE! Meanwhile most objectives are in those very buildings, and the only units that can get inside are infantry. How you get those infantry in and out unharmed, or at least with the mission accomplished, is up to you, commander.

Here, I would like to breakdown what the factions are, and what…