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Classic Book Reviews to Start Off!

So just now starting this blog, I thought I would sum up the novels I've read in the last year and my thoughts on them. The Arizona state school system of a decade ago never dictated grade school or high school students to read these books, or at least not my schools, so in many ways I have been playing literature catch-up.

The Pearl-A good little Steinbeck book about the curse wealth can be on a family. It's a very quick read, and I appreciated the artfulness of setting each scene with great care to the environment. It was a great short book to get me started into reading habits again.

Alas Babylon-This book, oh boy. It's a post-nuclear story about a family in a town that lucked out by not being particularly stricken with fallout after WWIII breaks out. It is very realistic in tone, and explores not just who, but what is even left after a massive war of mutual destruction.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-A story everyone knows, but as I am beginning to find with these horror clas…